Necessary Printing for Small Businesses

Essential Stuff

Business Cards

Absolutely a must have! Business cards are portable advertisement that should always be in stock. Wherever you go, chances are conversation will come up about your business (which is when you throw down your card.) Now, a flimsy piece of paper is just not going to cut it for a business card. Either are those “$3.99 for 250” business cards that end up wrinkling, bending and tearing apart as soon as they go into somebody’s pocket print Melbourne.

Making them yourself is always an option as office supply retailers usually have those punch out cards and what not, but don’t rely on these as a permanent solution. You’ll end up depleting your printer’s ink or toner in a matter of days, the print quality will be rather mediocre (smearing, jagged edges, etc.) and the amount of time you spend on these projects will leave you disappointed.

Try not to waste time doing it yourself or blowing chump change and chump products. Get professional quality the first and every time with some legitimate business card printing.


Probably the second most important piece of print material would be a well designed brochure. If you have a front desk or office for your business place, it would be just foolish not to have literature for customers and clients to read while they wait. With a good design and solid writing, brochures can be the perfect accompaniment to your products and services

There’s a ton of ways you can design brochures (Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, draw it on a napkin, etc.) But getting them professionally design is always an excellent option as plenty of designers are willing to do it for just a couple hundred bucks through a simple Google search.

Signage (Banners, Building Signs, Car Wraps and Posters)

Now this stuff depends on what type of business you’re running and where you’re doing it, but overall any kind of signage is highly recommended (and essential.) These things have your logo at a gigantic scale that funnel your market straight into the palm of your hand. You may think that you would have to find a shop close to you that does this, but chances are that there’s no local banner printing shop down the street. Go online!

Designing these yourself might not be the best option unless you have some experience with large format print design. Because the resolution being dealt with must be impeccable, professional designing and publishing is a must.